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The Rinks: Winnipeg Rink, Winnipeg Roller Rink, DJ's Roller City, The Galaxy Skateland

This is a website is devoted to the memory of what was the oldest, largest, and greatest roller rink in Canada.


Built in 1908 as a hockey and Ice Rink, the doors opened for the first time on Friday December the 4th 1908 and closed its doors for the last time on June 3rd 2007 for a total of 35,976 days (98.6 years) The first ad in a newspaper for the Winnipeg Skating Rink was in the Winnipeg Tribune December the 8th 1908. The cost of a single admission was 25 cents.

The blueprints of the building show the many rooms allocated as change rooms for hockey. The first professional hockey game played in the building was between the Maple Leafs and the Shamrocks on December the 11th 1908.

The first ad that appeared for Roller Skating in the building was in the Winnipeg Tribune May 15th 1934. That would have been at the close of the ice skating season. Ice resumed in the winter of 1934 and Roller skating in the spring of 1935. It looks like they did this again for the year and in the spring of 1936 a small story appeared in the Winnipeg Tribune proclaiming 350 tons of ice and a quantity of sand have been removed and the roller floor is in fine shape. It would appear that in 1936 was the last year they did ice and then roller skating as there are stories and ads about Winter roller-skating and on Monday December the 14th 1936 in the Winnipeg Tribune there was a story with photos called Roller Skating Becoming Leading Winter Pastime in City

Over the years the rink changed names a few times, from the Winnipeg Roller Rink to Winnipeg Roller Sports Centre to Dj's Roller City and then finally the Galaxy SkateLand


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